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Our company was founded in 1979 and began selling leather in Gedikpaşa, and it soon began professional production at an advanced level. Our institution began high quality leather production for other areas of need over time and transported its center to Güngören and production center to Tuzla in parallel to the sector headquarters leaving Gedikpaşa in 2002 and the region’s transformation into a region in which leather products are marketed.
Our company has combined its accumulation of experience and knowledge from the sector on the topic of leather production, and it has continued to grow by producing new infrastructure investments at its new headquarters. Our company has recorded constant growth from the day it was founded, first in domestic and then international markets, and is today one of the sector’s most respected institutions in our country and in many other nations.

MODAŞ is a family company that has transferred its wide accumulation of knowledge and its experience acquired in the sector to the second and third generations of the family, and its preparing the most suitable leather solutions for the needs of the era. Our company has continued to grow constantly with the added value created by each generation of managers and is one of the most important producers in the sector with a unique structure and understanding where tradition unites with the future. The wide sectoral accumulation and relationships that have formed over a period of close to 40 years have intensified our work for the determination in advance of sectoral needs and for the development of solutions focused on these needs. The acceleration of our new generation of family managers for innovation work led to a concentration of our work on the topic of leather production for the needs in different fields.
We perform manufacture in the field of leather, which is required by many sectors today, using high standards of quality and advanced technology thanks to our expertise and equipped infrastructure. The technical sciences progressing with a unique speed and the new dynamism that technology creates lead to the gradual increase in standards of living. MODAŞ exhibits superior success on the topic of developing solutions focused on the need structure of this new life cycle, which expectations constantly drive up, and actively maintains as operations in internationally as in our country.
Its sensitivity on the topic of developing products in superior quality and standards creates confidence and prestige among its customers. The responsibility for the position at the stage at which our company arrived and the effort to create value-conscious production and added value continue without stopping. MODAŞ continues to increase the production standards of the sector with its competent employees, special and advanced production techniques, highly technologic equipment, and understanding of excellent production. We are being developed in parallel with the preemptive determination of production techniques and sectoral needs, and we cultivate expert personnel in these techniques.
Our ongoing market research and development work and innovation investments are aimed at further increasing the added value that sectoral production has created for our economy thanks to international exports. This work and investment plays a determinant role in the formation of new standards in our sector. The development process for our family company, which is quickly advancing down the road to corporatization, creates a role model in the sector.


Our Mission

The new standards of living created by our world that continues to develop with great speed and to change is leading to the emergence of new and different needs. We have an intense effort, an innovative approach, and a mission focused on developing innovative solutions on the topic of developing solutions in accordance with the changing structure of needs. We have combined our accumulation of experience and knowledge in the sector with the ability to simultaneously follow all developments that take place technically, technologically, and conceptually in the awareness of changing needs. We continue to strive to coincide our innovative production approach with the fundamental values of our institution, a family company. We advance with the determination of sectoral needs before they even form and the realization of pioneering production in this field, with certain steps in line with our belief in creating added value for our country and our belief in being a respected and successful company in the international field in the sector.
Our production logic has focused on needs arising in new areas along with existing demand in the sector and is supported with our development work aimed at ensuring the formation of demand in different areas. Our company has signed off on firsts in the sector and is decisive on the topic of signing off on many more firsts. We have an ongoing perspective that creates new, added value on the topics of integrating its structure tied to traditions and principles into the new concept and techniques of the changing conditions of the world and of harmonizing technology and new standards.
Our journey stretching for 40 years created the perspectives of our managers from different generations, the opportunity to witness the most special stages of development in the world and unique contributions over the principles and values of our company. We developed a unique production approach as a result of harmonizing this sectoral and conceptual accumulation with developments in technique and technology. The transfer of all this generated accumulation to new generations and assuming the role of creating the new conditions of the world are one of the missions of our company.
We accept our values of being the representative of innovation, creativity, principles, and an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit where the traditional meets the future as the mission of our company.

Our Vision

We determined our primary values to be creating market studies aimed at new areas of service, reaching the highest standards and values of quality in production for each field, and achieving excellence. We possess a vision of preserving our principle of sectoral excellence in our process of service lasting from the first stages of production to reaching the end user. In this scope, we have a Vision of being one of the most important and well-respected institutions in the sector throughout the country and the international arena.

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Preemptively determining expectations and needs, creating solutions with need- and potential-focused development work,
Always renewing products with the use of all feasibilities of our technology, technique, and expertise, and developing production techniques,
Creating the highest level of customer satisfaction in all products,
Being the most preferred company of all our targeted customers and the sector in the presentation of products,
Remaining unconditionally loyal to our high ethical rules where tradition meets the future,
Ensuring the presentation of all products with high standards of quality and completely to our customers,


Primarily being a preferred employer,
Being supportive for their personal and technical development and creating various educational opportunities for them on this topic,
Supporting creativity, responsibility, and being qualified,
Creating opportunities for a fair working environment and promotion based on merit and performance,


Demonstrating high sensitivity to the needs of our society,
Having an approach aware of social and societal responsibilities,
To create employment,
Creating added value in the promotion and economy of the country with the respected image created abroad and the export potential.